Frequently Asked Questions


QUESTION: I have very little experience with horses or hunting, will that be a factor in attending or completing your school?

ANSWER: NO, Most students have little experience with horses and mules when they begin our program. We provide a comprehensive horsemanship and horse packing program in which you will learn the essential skills necessary for this line of work. There is, however, no substitute for experience. The more experience you can get around horses, the better prepared you will be. The same applies to all of the other skills that we teach, whether it be hunting, fly fishing, trapping, tracking, wilderness first aid, survival, or whatever, no one is an expert in everything. Our instructors will provide you with the best training no matter what level you are at.


QUESTION: Do your courses include any other certifications in addition to the course completion certificate?

ANSWER: YES, Most of our programs include certifications in Wilderness First Aid, Bow Hunter Ed. Trapper Ed. Etc. depending on the school that you select.


QUESTION: How much time of your courses is spent in the classroom and how much is spent in the field?

ANSWER: About 30% of the time is spent in the classroom and about 70% of the time is hands on training. We like to spend as much time in the field as possible, but classroom time is essential as well. For example; if we are teaching animal tracking and want to show you the different track characteristics and formulas for all North American species, how many different species would we actually find if we just went into the field. In this case, classroom time is essential to prepare you for the field.


QUESTION: How many hours will we spend training each day?

ANSWER: In this respect our school is different than many others. We don’t end at 5:00pm or after dinner. We have so much information to give you and so many skills to teach you that our classes usually go until 9:30 or 10:00 in the evening


QUESTION: Is your school SAA Approved or Approved by the Montana State Approving Agency to accept Veterans Administration educational benefits for those who are eligible to participate? 

ANSWER: YES, Many of our instructors are veterans. Just follow the procedures outlined by the VA


 QUESTION: Is food and lodging included in the course tuition?

ANSWER: YES, Everything is included in the course tuition with the exception of your own personal items and a fishing license should you need one. I might also add that our food is very good. We don’t regulate our food by limiting how much money is spent on each student for each meal. We believe that good food is a big part of the school experience. Our students love our food.


QUESTION: What are my real chances of getting a job upon graduation from your program?

ANSWER: No matter what anyone tells you, no one or school can really guarantee you a job upon graduation. They don’t know how good you will be at this line of work and you don’t know how much you will like working in this field until the course is over. We provide an extensive program to prepare you for a job, including written resumes, cover letters, interviews, networking and an extensive list of current contacts, but in the end it is up to you to do the leg work. We will be there to support you through the process. It has been our experience for over 30 years that almost all of the people who want to find a job in this field do so, however, just like any other job depending on your experience, you may need to start at an entry level position and work your way up.


QUESTION: Can I still attend your guide school if I have no intention of working in the guiding industry?

ANSWER: YES, We have students in almost every guide school who just want to learn the skills for their own personal use or to become more self-reliant.


QUESTION: Is there an age limit for attending your courses?

ANSWER: We have taken many 16 and 17 year old students with parental consent and on occasion even 15 year old students. Desire to learn and maturity have a lot to do with it.


QUESTION: Does your location enhance the learning experience of your courses?

ANSWER: Our location in Northwest Montana near Glacier Park and the Canadian border is one of the most spectacular locations in the United States. Our activities and horse packing trips take us into some of the most beautiful country in the lower 48.


QUESTION: What is your cancellation policy?

ANSWER: All deposits are nonrefundable for several reasons. Should however, an unavoidable event occur which would prevent you from attending the course of your choice after you have made payment; we would consider you attending another course at a future date.




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