2017 Testimonials


I have taken two courses from the Bridger Institute. Without hesitation, I can easily say that they were the best two wilderness education courses that I have taken. The Bridger Institute team is the absolute best out there. I will be a customer for life and I tell my friends about them, because I learned so much, and I had such a great time. They even have a museum at their facility, and the teaching and instructors, especially Larry, are remarkable. If you want to speak to someone who has been through their courses, please contact me anytime at:

Zach Wagner  (Contact info on request)


Larry Keyes and Bridger Institute is by far one of the best choices an aspiring guide can make.  Larry's passion to teach is evident in the amount of preparation that he puts into everything he does.  You will not go wrong taking any type of course from Larry."

Brian Calcagno  (Contact info on request)

I started searching the internet for a guide school in five different states: Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Montana. Read lots of reviews, called numerous schools and my search or path always lead back to Bridger Institute. BI offered meals, lodging, internet, mules, horses, sawbuck and decker packing, load and gear requirements for hunters, livestock care, knots, hunting, fishing, trapping, meat processing, scoring, capping, tracking, marksmanship, archery, and certification in Wilderness First Aid. All this at one location, affordability range and financial assistant with VA. So I called talked to Manager Larry Keyes and scheduled  my course!

What I expected from course and what I received was beyond my expectations. BI one on one instruction from instructors was excellent also the experience and ethical practices as professional guides greatly appreciated as a student!!!!! During the course the pace was comfortable, no real boring down time or wasted time on useless tasks and the food was great! We had weekends off to experience the beautiful landscape and took a drive to Canada.

Great experience at BI money while spent, and I have already assisted to two archery horse and mule guided hunts so far this year and planning on two more in rifle season! The level of training I received from BI has made me a valuable asset to any guided hunt! And my Surfer Dude boss is happy I went to, he's thinking about buying a mule to carry out harvest next time!

Ron Lineback   (Contact info on request)


"Over the past five years I have taken several classes at Bridger Institute and can say without reservation that they are one of the very best at what they do. Each class that I took was packed with valuable information and hands-on experience. Their passion for teaching is obvious and the quality of their courses is top notch. They really care about the students. The experience and knowledge of their instructors is a valuable resource for the future. I highly recommend all of the courses conducted at Bridger Institute to anyone who is interested."

Ken Cordoza (Contact info on request)


"I worked as a wrangler for different trail riding establishments for several years. I had some experience in packing horses and mules, but wanted to improve my skills. After talking with Larry Keyes from Bridger Institute and with a few past students that had taken classes there before, I decided to attend the Bridger Institute Guide School and Packing School. The information and skills that I learned during these courses was beyond anything that I had imagined.  I thoroughly  enjoyed every day of each of these courses. If you want to improve your skills in horse packing, hunting, fishing, trapping, wilderness first aid, wilderness survival, and more you would be hard pressed to find a better school. My experience there was great."

Chip Lowley  (Contact info on request)


"I took the Bridger Institute course in the spring of 2017. This course helped me to be much better prepared for the guiding job that I obtained in Alaska. My first year on the job I had three hunters and all three got nice Dall Sheep Rams. I love my job and will be returning next year. The Bridger Institute school incorporates a vast amount of information in each of it’s classes. It was not uncommon for us to finish at 9:00 pm or 10:00 pm in the evening most days. My favorite sections of the course were horse packing, hunting, trapping and wilderness first aid and wilderness survival. The course was great the instructors were great and the food was great. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in entering the guiding industry. You will be much better prepared."

Russell “Tommy” Robinson   (Contact info on request)


"I attended the Bridger Institute Self-Reliance (Homestead) Week while my friend attended the Self-Reliance (Wilderness) Week. We are both from Utah and viewed this trip as an educational vacation. It was an amazing week for both of us. Though we attended different courses during the day, we joined together for meals and evening activities. We would have easily spent the same amount of money or more on just a regular vacation to this beautiful part of the country, but to receive all the information on self-reliance was off the charts. If your are interested in becoming more self reliant and want to vacation in beautiful Northwest Montana, this is the program for you. We will be going back for more Bridger Institute courses in the future."

Mindy Anderson (Contact info on request)


"I am writing in support of you and the Bridger Institute.  I am doing so because in my 50 years of hunting, fishing, camping and backpacking throughout the Western United States I have never meet anyone as knowledgeable as you concerning outdoor subjects.  Additionally, you have the rare ability to convey your vast knowledge in a concise, exciting and understandable manner.  It has been my privilege to attend a number of your presentations and classes and I can honestly say that I have learned something new and valuable each time.  What you know about topics as diverse as “outdoor survival” and “how to be a big game guide” still astonishes me despite knowing you for many years.

I must also comment on the Bridger Institute facilities.  As you know, I have brought many of my family members and friends to see your class room.  Each time my guests have come away raving about your displays and exhibits.  Several guests have commented that your class room is more like a museum than a school setting.  The hands-on learning experience you provide is second to none.

Perhaps the best thing about the Bridger Institute is your professional demeanor and your impeccable character.  Students can be assured that you will deliver on your promises.  Also, I have never met anyone as dedicated as you to outdoor subjects.  You emphasis on ethics for the sportsperson set’s you and your Institute apart from others.

I do not often write letters of recommendation, but I do so unhesitatingly for you.  Anyone who wants to be improve their outdoor skills should consider attending one or more of your courses of instruction.  Without fear of overstatement I describe you as the best and most knowledgeable outdoor instructor that I have ever meet.  I wholeheartedly recommend you and the Bridger Institute to anyone seeking to improve their outdoor skills."

Marty Pomeroy (Contact info on request)


"What a great course. Very comprehensive. Many things covered that you would normally not think of. I was impressed with the thorough teaching and the practice time allotted to apply what was just taught in the classroom setting to a “practice” with fellow students. Well worth the time!"

John Moran (Contact info on request)

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